Sunflower Field 7/31/18

A favorite location for PALS to paint. We have painted many versions of this beautiful sunflower field and the rustic antique truck in its midst. A special thank you to the caretaker who took care of this field for years, may he rest in peace. All of your care and hard work will live on in our many paintings.

Bellport Marina 7/24/18

So many paintings each way you turn...Today some of us painted in the shade. There was a lovely breeze and boats everywhere!

Marty M

Kalers Pond 7/17/18

Another favorite! The reflections in the pond where amazing! A peaceful pretty place for sure.
John T

Chris T

Josephine P

Laurie SS

The Hog Farm 7/10/18

Tucked away, off the beaten path in Brookhaven Hamlet is The Hog Farm! I especially loved the chickens and roosters and Peacock...although the garlic was also calling my name!  Thank you Sean for welcoming PALS

Linda DM
John T

Laurie S and Laurie SS (and Marion around the corner!)


Lavender Farm 7/3/18

One of PALS Favorite locations. Not to be missed. How lucky are we to have such a special farm right here on Long Island! 

Linda DM

Laurie SS

Denise M


Swezey Avery House 6/26/18

This location was a great surprise. We loved it and look forward to going back again. Thank you Marie D for this location suggestion!

Jeanne, Joan, Donna, Marie, Bobbie

Linda DM and Donna H

Bobbie K