Watch Hill Ferry

I looked around at the sea of artists, at the Watch Hill Ferry location, sketching, and painting the boats and their reflections, capturing the colorful umbrellas across the river.
I noticed 2 artists brought their grandaughters...Ilene with Katlyn, and Rita with Jamie from Texas. It brought me back to a memory of my grandma coming to visit us for a week when I was about 10 years old. We didn't seem to connect until that last day. As I sat in a chair, reading a book, I looked up to see her drawing. I went to look at what she was doing, and to my surprise, she had sketched a picture of me. I was amazed, I didn't know I could have such an interesting grandma. I sat next to her and we drew, and we bonded, side by side for hours, hardly speaking , with pencils in hand.
Little did I know what a huge, positive impact that day would end up being on my life.
So, as I looked over and saw Jamie and her Grandma with their easels, painting a beautiful pastel memory, her 1st Plein Air ever, I knew it was a very important day.

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