Bayview Avenue Beach

Another great day of Plein Air Painting....or in my case, Plein Air Talking! It was great catching up with everyone...Joan just got back from Venice and I really enjoyed all of her postcard paintings...Larry arrived on his bike with all of his art gear, looking at least 20 years younger then he is, a curious neighbor, Reva, even came out to see what we were all up to and she ended up painting with all of don't be shy...come join us at our next location...check back Monday to see where we are going!


  1. This was a sweet little beach I hadn't known about before! a bit breezy but I think I did a fairly decent sketch and I'm happy with it. Nice to see everyone again, great turnout- wish i could have stayed longer but I had a lunch date-- remind me NOT to make lunch dates for tuesdays!!!
    Looking forward to fall colors and more exciting locations! thanks for all you do!! chris