Squassux Landing 7/12/11

Today was a step back in time in Brookhaven Hamlet, NY. Squassux Landing is an old fashioned, natural marina, with little more than rickety docks and a huge collection of interesting boats - untouched by commercialism.
          Most of the artists gathered by the gazebo for some shade, painting away on this very hot summer day.
         I walked along the gravel road of this marina, and around the bend, much to my relief, was a mirage...shade from a tree! I settled there and set up my canvas and brushes. After awhile a wind blew in, yes, wind! So I looked around for something to weigh down my easel and I came up with this invention-in honor of my creative dad...a cooler for my water bottle and a weight at the same time.

      Couldn't be a better morning...Happy Birthday Dad!

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