Sunflowers, Cutchogue, NY 8/30/11

Let this be a lesson to all of the artists out there, when the opportunity arises..."Paint don't Wait".
That may be my new motto. While heading out to Greenport with fellow artist/friend/Pal Chris Taylor we stumbled upon the most glorious Sunflowers. We quickly pulled the car over and took photos planning on bringing PALS there the following week. I couldn't wait to paint these spectacular Sunflowers with their heads held higher than any I have ever seen before. Every day I thought about this magnificent yellow garden with the barn in the background. I plotted and planned the view I would paint. I pondered will I paint in water color or oil. I counted the days....but I never counted on hurricane Irene!

       BEFORE and AFTER:


  1. good thing we turned around that day and took photos! Guess we have to wait till next year now....

  2. Yes, we will go back next year for sure!