Sunken Forest in Sailors Haven, Fire Island 7/17/12

                                                   Lorraine Rimmelin

Now this was a hot and humid day!...91degrees but it felt like 100 on Long Island...but a breezy ferry ride whisked us across the calm bay to this enchanted 300 year old Sunken Forest. We welcomed the shade and enjoyed the dappled sunlight as we meandered along the endless wooden boardwalk, stopping every few feet to take another photo. The wonders of nature never ceases to amaze me!

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  1. As a child i visted the sunken forest with my elementary school. I've since returned to long island after an unfortunate accident in Iraq ended my military career. I've been trying to find this park for over 6yrs. Now I've found it on your site, i will be visiting within the next month. The trails bring back sweet memorys of my childhoods.