While PALS was busy painting in NY...I was busy Plein air painting in beautiful Ireland!
I traveled a few hours south of Dublin, to the wonderful town of Wexford and met up with over a hundred artists participating in a beautifully organized painting week, thanks to Tony Robinson, Neil, Kevin, Karin and lots more people working hard behind the scenes.


We painted morning and night...and I mean night! I fell in love with nocturne painting, and I hope PALS will get a chance to go out and experience this together! (Thanks for lending me your headlight Larry!) We travelled to a different location daily, and further south to Hook Head light house. Amazing.  I painted in the sun, and cold, and wind, and rain, and pouring rain! I loved every minute! I participated in my first quick draw, in the streets with tons of people, and it was exhilarating. All of the artists were part of a huge show (over 250 plein air paintings, all painted that week) in stunning Green Acres Gallery,Wexford, Ireland. I left a few paintings on the walls there, as the show is still on! I felt so privileged to be part of such an amazing artistic experience. I loved all the people I met, and I am humbled and so inspired by all of the talent that I witnessed there.
Any PALS want to go next year? Read ...Can't wait!


  1. Sounds like you had a terrific time & like it was an amazing event! The pics are wonderful especially the ones where we can see your paintings.
    Glad your home safe.

  2. Yes I had an amazing time! Great people, place and adventure! Thanks Lorraine for your nice words!