Andrews Family Farm 10/1/13 & 10/8/13

Love this amazing family run farm, Andrews Family Farm ! PALS had a great day here starting with a wonderful behind the scenes tour by welcoming owner, Denise.
We didn't know what to paint first. So many choices, mums, pumpkins, sunflowers, bales of hay, chickens, colorful fruit and veggies! The weather was also perfect, our morning started off as autumn, and ended up as a summer day.
     I can see why there was a steady stream of happy customers, all seeming to know the owner on a first name basis. This farm is friendly and beautiful and very special indeed.
    I can't wait to see the beautiful paintings from there in our December PALS art show Dec 14 & 15 12-4pm at the BAFFA Gallery 47 Gillette Ave, Sayville, NY. Everyone is invited!
Thank you Andrews Family, and Denise, and Marlene and Arlene for the location info! and a special thanks to Arlene our donut and cold water fairy! You spoiled us and we thank you! Thanks for photos Chris and Joan.
I drove home eating the best apple I ever tasted, and with a car full of perfect sunflowers!
PALS can't wait to go back!

Chris & Joan


Denise Andrews & Arlene

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