A Taste of Plein Air

Today was "A Taste of Plein Air" workshop, that I put together by request from a few gals from North Carolina who were coming up for a vacation on Long Island.
 It was a wonderful way to mix the local scenery, with their interest in art and learning something new while enjoying each others friendship.
  I mean, don't we all want to try watercolor? ...and sit on a beach or by the bay, or by a lake or stream, or in a garden, or forest? Don't we all want to try something new? Why not PLEIN AIR!
 I will walk you step by step into the exciting world of Plein Air watercolor!!
       So gather a few friends, and e-mail me for details,  info@PALSPleinAir.com
and we will have a   fantastic time!!
NO Experience needed!! and you will go home with your very own painting,
painted by you....
ready to hang on your wall!

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