Plein Air Painting in the Adirondacks

While PALS were painting on beautiful Long Island, I hit the road with PALS artist Chris Taylor...we headed on a 7 hour journey to  Plein Air Magazine's Publishers Invitational in the Adirondacks. run by publisher Eric Rhoads.
    The locations were spectacular, a painting every where you looked! We painted waterfalls, rivers, lakes, farms, houses, people, rocks, a church, an apple orchard ...non stop, morning noon and night! The only thing that made us stop was eating and sleeping!
   We painted alongside 118 of the most amazing artists from across the USA. At the end of the week 820 paintings were on display. It was an awesome sight, and very inspiring!
    I feel grateful that we were able to participate in such a fantastic painting was like PALSPleinAir on steroids!     We had an amazing time.

                                              Jeanne, Eric, Chris, around the camp fire
                                              How many artists can we fit on a rock?
The beauty of the Adirondacks was spectacular.  Painting along side so many incredible artists was both inspiring and humbling. This event was perfectly run by publisher Eric Rhoads and his family and team who attended to every detail.
There is nothing like being on location, having  everything taken care of, your housing, your meals, and your locations to paint, so you can just jump in and PAINT!
Thank you to Eric Rhoads and Plein air Magazine for all you do for artists and Plein Air!

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