Watch Hill Ferry

I looked around at the sea of artists, at the Watch Hill Ferry location, sketching, and painting the boats and their reflections, capturing the colorful umbrellas across the river.
I noticed 2 artists brought their grandaughters...Ilene with Katlyn, and Rita with Jamie from Texas. It brought me back to a memory of my grandma coming to visit us for a week when I was about 10 years old. We didn't seem to connect until that last day. As I sat in a chair, reading a book, I looked up to see her drawing. I went to look at what she was doing, and to my surprise, she had sketched a picture of me. I was amazed, I didn't know I could have such an interesting grandma. I sat next to her and we drew, and we bonded, side by side for hours, hardly speaking , with pencils in hand.
Little did I know what a huge, positive impact that day would end up being on my life.
So, as I looked over and saw Jamie and her Grandma with their easels, painting a beautiful pastel memory, her 1st Plein Air ever, I knew it was a very important day.

PALS...Plein Air Location

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Watch Hill Ferry Terminal
160 West Avenue
Patchogue, NY 11772

Ferry, boats, buildings, overlooking the Patchogue River.
Picnic tables, rest rooms, free parking.
(Possibly an art show inside the brand new terminal.)

Right behind the bowling alley in Patchogue.

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This week we will once again join the SBAA Plein Air painters at their choosen location...Watch Hill Ferry Terminal.
To see the the SBAA Summer Plein Air schedule go to

Remember, everyone is always welcome to join us, friends, family, come to paint, chat, take photos, sketch, or just to keep us company!
Hope to see you there!

Suffolk County Farm

Suffolk County Farm is a beautiful location with a painting everywhere you turn. I really enjoyed the north wind...lightly manure scented, but it made me feel alive, after all a breeze is a breeze! After setting up, and about an hour into my painting of a tractor, I heard a motor start, and I looked up and my focal point was driving away down the pebbled lane,pulling a red wagon full of happy children. ...What a great way to spend a summer morning!

PALS...Plein Air Location

Tuesday July 20th 2010

Suffolk County Farm
Yaphank, NY

Free... and they are happy to have us paint there!

Barn, twig arbor, cows, sheep, animals, fences, shade trees, petting zoo, butterflies, tractors, children playing joyfully in the distnce, and if we are lucky maybe a horse show.

public bathroom

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from Yaphank Rd (heading north), pass police station, go over overpass,
make (hairpin) left into driveway, follow signs for Suffolk County Farm .
Visitors parking lot on left.

Go to visitor center, say hello and sign in

Everyone, as always, is welcome, bring a friend and lunch if you'd like.
BYOC (bring your own chair)

Come Paint,sketch,take photos, relax, or just come enjoy a working educational farm.

Hope to see you there!

Dunton Avenue Beach

Dunton Avenue Beach was like walking into a painting. Especially with the water lapping just a few feet away.
What started out as a stormy looking sky, turned into a peaceful and serene morning with a great turn out.
Much needed, from what I could tell, since 2 of the Long Island artists hadn't been to a beach in 10 years! (happy to help you banish that record!)
Another PAL was relaxing before her envious journey to Venice,Italy.(if only we could "really" fit in her suitcase!)
What a fantastic way to spend the morning, and yes, the little red boat was there.

Pals...Plein Air Location

Tuesday July 13th 2010
9:30 AM

South Dunton Avenue Beach
East Patchogue,NY

Beautiful, simple, peaceful beach...
View of Bellport Bay
Lapping water, bay breeze, boulder rocks,
small sandy beach, stones and shells,
beach grasses,rickety wooden dock, boat in the distance

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S. Country Rd. Dunton Ave all the way south to the water. Park along the street

BYOC (bring your own chair), and hat or umbrella, and lunch if you'd like.
As always Everyone is always welcome, friends, spouses...come paint or sketch, photograph, relax, read, or just put your toes in the water!

Peconic River Herb Farm

It was wonderful to see such a great turnout at the gorgeous
Peconic River Herb Farm, even though the thermometer hit 89 degrees,
or was it 100?, during the peak of our NY heatwave!
We learned so many new things...
1. Watercolors can melt, as well as oils, and people!
2. We can sweat more by moving a brush then by boxing in the gym.
3. Its always wonderful spending a few hours with talented people!
4. We are not afraid of the heat!
PALS...Plein Air Location
Tuesday July 6, 2010
9:30 AM
Peconic Herb Farm
2749 River Rd
Calverton,NY 11933

Beautiful Farm with potting sheds, barns, grapevine buildings, green houses, lush trees and flowers, scenic lake...
BYOC bring your own chair, and lunch if you'd like, and as always, Everyone is always welcome to join us!

This week we will be joining the SBAA Plein Air Painters at their chosen location at The Peconic Herb Farm.
To see the complete SBAA Summer Plein Air schedule go to

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Squassux Landing Marina
Brookhaven Hamlet,NY