Islip Grange 8/27/13

Our day started off raining, but a few of us didn't give in to the rain drops. It always surprises me how bright it can be outdoors, even on a drizzly day.

This location is a step back in time with buildings from the 1800's.
Years ago, dear friends of mine got married in this quaint church, the painting I did of it is now in the Sayville Library private collection.

                                                       Kayla and Jake Diaz

   We even had some artist vistors today! The more the merrier!

Sunflower Field 8/20/13

Sunflower time is one of my favorite painting times! It makes me feel happy and full with summer satisfaction! We had a wonderful turn out of PALs artists to enjoy the fantastic weather and scene in front of us.
Joan Tavolott

Joan Tavolott actually sold her beautiful painting right off of her easel before it was even done!
 Big congrats to you Joan!



Field of Flowers 8/6/13 & 8/13/13

Love, Love, Love this magical place!
I came upon it while wandering around looking for locations a year ago, and promised myself to share it with PALS when it bloomed this year.
  I think all of us really enjoyed painting here. Peaceful, colorful, lush, and very special. I wonder if it will be the same color flowers next year? Hmmm...we will have to wait and see!

White Cap Fish Market 7/23/13 &7/30/13

White Cap Fish Market in Islip is such a charming location! Thank you Sharon! and Thanks Vinny and Cathy for allowing us to paint there! We all felt like we were painting somewhere else, in a small fishing village, or perhaps Key took a few minutes to zone in and see just how many amazing painting scenes were right in front of us...after painting, we relaxed and enjoyed lunch together! Being an artist is hard work, but someone has to do it!