Frank Melville Park, Setauket, NY   Oct 20, 2020

Peaceful and quiet and perfect.

Funny thing, I had just been commissioned to paint two swans for two twins...and then I arrived at the park and the first thing I saw were 2 swans...I hadn't seen swans in weeks! I take that as a good!

 Andrews Family Farm   Wading River, NY  Oct 6, 2020

Love this place. Thank you again Denise and your family for always welcoming PALS Plein Air Artists. 

Freshest fruit and veggies and I went home with a gorgeous bouquet of Sunflowers that somehow lasted 2 weeks! 

 Islip Grange   Sept 29. 2020

This place brings you back in time. It's so fun for PALS Plein Air artists to paint these historical buildings. The hard part is figuring out which one to paint. So many choices. We will be back.

 Harbor Front Park, Port Jefferson, NY   Sept 22, 2020

A bright and crisp September day, perfect to paint en Plein Air!

 Eastport Art History Day   Sept 19, 2020

Such a special day in Eastport. A wonderful quaint town with lots of history. Thank Marie K. for all you did to make PALS Artists feel welcome. We look forward to next year!

Long Island Maritime Museum  Sept 15, 2020

Another wonderful day, so much to paint. The Maritime center recently had storm and winfd damage which blew wooden shingles off the roof of the boat hose. These shingles are over 100 years old.  PALS Plein Air artista and other local artists painted scenes on these antique shingles and The Maritime is currently auctioning them off to raise money for repairs. See their website to bid on your favorite and help a good cause!

 Bayard Cutting Arboretum, Great River, NY  Sept 8, 2020

Love our Dahlias, so special, everyone is so different! Just like people!

 Sunflower field Center Moriches, NY  Sept 1, 2020 

PALS Annual Favorite spot to paint en Plein Air!

 Silly Lily Fishing Rentals  Aug 25, 2020

What a fun find for PALS PleinAir painters in East Moriches, NY.

We LOVE this place! So colorful and fun to paint. Thank you Jay for welcoming us to your special place. Next time we will have to rent a boat and paint out in the water!