Lavender by the Bay June 26, 2012

PALS had a glorious day out in East Marion, almost at the end of Long Islands North Fork. It's a beautiful ride the entire way there. The temptation to stop along the way to paint various barns and fields is strong, and only insures that we need to return again someday. The Lavender fields were vibrant in purple color, as well as in delicious scent on this perfect summer day! I felt like I was in France! Many of us found ourselves drawn to the artistic, colorful bee hives, like none I've ever seen before. The store there is so special and the perfect ending to my painting day, as we drove home the lovely bunches of lavender we purchased wafted through the air, as a reminder of how lucky we are to live near such beauty.

Private Garden 6/19/12

We had such a peaceful morning painting in the spectacular private garden of Master Gardener Bonnie Gwilt and her husband Austin. Every 2 steps was a scene begging to be painted, flowers everywhere scenting the summer air....Thank you so very much for welcoming us into your art world...the art of gardening!

BAFFA & Sayville Garden Club Tour 6/16/12

PALS came out in force to paint away in 5 beautiful Sayville Gardens, at the invitation of BAFFA!

We had a wonderful time painting to live music and enjoying the constant stream of visitors! What a great day! Here are photos of just a few of us! Thanks everyone!

Sat June 16th, 2012

PALS has been invited by BAFFA to paint in 5 gorgeous gardens in the Sayville Garden Tour....please come say hello and visit us while we paint en Plein Air! See us in action!

Stony Brook Harbor June 12, 2012

What started as a drizzly overcast morning on the south shore, turned in to a pleasant morning with clear skies on the north never know! This is a beautiful location, and as if on cue, red kayaks appeared! I love getting what I wish for!

Flowerfield June 5, 2012

What a beautiful and peaceful location, kept even more peaceful by Mariannes knowledge of geese! She made sure we kept a safe distance, after all, the last thing we need is to arm wrestle some geese and end up with feathers all over our paintings! There was room surrounding the lake for everyone, geese and their babies included.

Fire Island Lighthouse May 29, 2012

PALS had a spectacular time at the wonderful Fire Island Light house. Some of us were there a few weeks ago with Wetpaints group and we also had artwork displayed in their show. I don't think I could ever get tired of painting here. Everywhere you turn is another scene waiting to be painted. Walking to the lighthouse is invigorating also. I enjoyed the bay side, and I had my easel set up, with my brand new umbrella, to protect myself from the sun. I was pleased with my painting and packing up, when a gust of wind toppled everything over and my painting was half covered in sand...only problem, it was the sky portion! Oh well, another reason to go back and paint again! if I need a reason!