Bellport Marina 7/24/18

So many paintings each way you turn...Today some of us painted in the shade. There was a lovely breeze and boats everywhere!

Marty M

Kalers Pond 7/17/18

Another favorite! The reflections in the pond where amazing! A peaceful pretty place for sure.
John T

Chris T

Josephine P

Laurie SS

The Hog Farm 7/10/18

Tucked away, off the beaten path in Brookhaven Hamlet is The Hog Farm! I especially loved the chickens and roosters and Peacock...although the garlic was also calling my name!  Thank you Sean for welcoming PALS

Linda DM
John T

Laurie S and Laurie SS (and Marion around the corner!)


Lavender Farm 7/3/18

One of PALS Favorite locations. Not to be missed. How lucky are we to have such a special farm right here on Long Island! 

Linda DM

Laurie SS

Denise M


Swezey Avery House 6/26/18

This location was a great surprise. We loved it and look forward to going back again. Thank you Marie D for this location suggestion!

Jeanne, Joan, Donna, Marie, Bobbie

Linda DM and Donna H

Bobbie K

Bridge Gardens 6/19/18

Wow, such a gorgeous place to paint! From lily pads, to a rose garden and everything in between...a painters paradise! Thank you to PALS artist Linda DM for hosting us at this wonderful location!

Joan T

John I
Bobbie K

Laurie SS

Jeanne S

Linda DM