Smith's Point Beach

Tuesday morning, the most amazing Fog rolled in, so I wasn't sure what to expect at the PALS Smith's Point Beach location. All I could see were the side railings as I drove over the bridge, and when I found my way into the parking lot I could only see about 100 feet ahead of me. I parked and began to walk toward the beach and via cell phone, I met up with Laurie S. We enjoyed our morning on the beach, listening to the huge waves crashing loudly, watching birds fly by in flocks, and painting away. It was so relaxing. We even watched in amazement as 2 surfers swam into the waves until they were swallowed up by the fog. It was a wonderful morning, a great way to start the day....when I arrived home to an email with photos, I couldn't stop smiling...turns out, not far away down the beach, more PALS were sketching and painting on the other side of the fog!

Vanderzalm Greenhouses

PALS had a fantastic time at this beautiful and vibrant location. It was pouring rain outside, with thunder crackling in the distance, but inside we sketched and painted what felt like summer. It felt so hopeful painting amongst the colorful, abundant flowers. Thank you so much to the Vanderzalm family for making us feel so welcome!


Today was a spectacular weather day, finally! Perfect for PALS to start our 2011 Painting en Plein Air season. We had a wonderful turn out at Avalon Park in Stony Brook.
We enjoyed the beautiful lake, green trees, the protective swan, and many ducks, and even some tiny baby ducklings. It was great to see so many new faces, as well as PALS from last season. We had pastel, oil and watercolor artists, people taking photos and sketching and just enjoying each others conversations. Welcome everyone, and I hope to see you next week!

PALS Location

The weather is on the upswing, finally! Now lets all do a collective happy Sun dance!
PALS will be painting en Plein Air starting this Tuesday May 10th,2011.
If any one is in need of a membership form or any information, please send an email to Everyone is welcome to join PALS.
All PALS that have already signed up for 2011 should have received an email explaining the first location. Let me know if you did not hear from PALS.
I am really looking forward to this season, and to see and paint with all of you. There is something so special about our collective energy and enthusiasm. You are all my inspiration! Hope to see you on Tuesday!