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Thanks Chris Taylor for talking about PALS
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the article includes a photo of Chris with artist Joan Sicignano at PALS Sunflower location

Sunflower Field 8/21/12

Some of you may not realize the behind the scenes thought and research that goes in to picking the right location at the right time...but after a search all the way to the end of Long Island, Chris Taylor and I clocked 100 miles (yes, really) before finding a rare sight this year...a Sunflower Field!
       PALS had a great time,painting one of my personal favorite subjects...Sun flowers....we couldn't get inside the field, because of the threat of poison ivy, so I scratched that itch on the way home, stopping at our local farm stand buying a fistful of huge sunflowers, so I could happily paint some more!

   Love Summer on Long Island!

Jeanettes Garden 8/14/12

What a sweet and lovely garden! PALS was graciously invited to the precious garden of fellow artist Jeanette Fisher. Thank you for the invite Jeanette!  Bright colorful flowers everywhere, all tended to with care and love!  We were even treated to a tour of her art studio.

We painted peacefully, enjoying every moment, when a few of us groaned at one time! Seems our focal point, unbeknownst to her, Liz, under her white umbrella, got up and walked away! Well, that's a lesson to remember, paint what may move ...FIRST!!!


While PALS was busy painting in NY...I was busy Plein air painting in beautiful Ireland!
I traveled a few hours south of Dublin, to the wonderful town of Wexford and met up with over a hundred artists participating in a beautifully organized painting week, thanks to Tony Robinson, Neil, Kevin, Karin and lots more people working hard behind the scenes.


We painted morning and night...and I mean night! I fell in love with nocturne painting, and I hope PALS will get a chance to go out and experience this together! (Thanks for lending me your headlight Larry!) We travelled to a different location daily, and further south to Hook Head light house. Amazing.  I painted in the sun, and cold, and wind, and rain, and pouring rain! I loved every minute! I participated in my first quick draw, in the streets with tons of people, and it was exhilarating. All of the artists were part of a huge show (over 250 plein air paintings, all painted that week) in stunning Green Acres Gallery,Wexford, Ireland. I left a few paintings on the walls there, as the show is still on! I felt so privileged to be part of such an amazing artistic experience. I loved all the people I met, and I am humbled and so inspired by all of the talent that I witnessed there.
Any PALS want to go next year? Read ...Can't wait!