PALS...Plein Air Location

September 28, 2010
9:30 AM

Let's try this again, and hope it doesn't rain...but there is a nice long open building with a roof on the left, or the gazebo on the right, if you wanted to sit under a roof and paint the boats in the rain...

Bellport Dock

Beautiful dock with panoramic views of the Great South Bay, marina with boats, gazebo, small sandy beach, wooden pier, colorful kayaks

South on Station Rd, which turns into Bellport Lane...Before guard booth, make a right and park in that parking lot.
Hope to see everyone there!

Hope to see you there!

Islip Art Museum

I believe "in doing" can talk about things and ideas until you are blue in the face- but there is nothing like hands on experience ...I can tell you about a great recipe, or about anything at all, but like a recipe, until you actually taste it for real-it's only 1/2 the experience.

That's Plein Air to me- it's like a few hours in time that you are actually living inside of your own can hear the sounds, and smell the air, you feel the breeze, or the humidity, or rain drops. You look with your eyes, study every detail of what you hold your brush and touch the soft paint and for a while you are one with your art...It makes me feel alive... that's Plein Air to me.

PALS...Plein Air Location

September 21, 2010
9:30 AM

The Islip Art Museum
50 Irish Lane
East Islip,NY 11730

Museum building, lake, carriage house, trees, old barn

Everyone, as always, is welcome to join us on location to paint, sketch, chit chat, read, photograph, ...just breathe.
Hope to see you there!

Meadow Farm

Many thanks to Jen Puleston and her family for welcoming PALS to their farm. We had a glorious day...a painting every direction we looked, and such a great turn out. The farm made us all feel peaceful and relaxed, as if we were somewhere else in time...The barn and property are beautiful, the huge wood pile ready for winter, the alpacas were as curious about us as we were about them. (They have the sweetest faces! ) The ducks were having a grand old time jumping in and out of the creek... the sun was perfect and the breeze was just enough to blow any of our daily worries away!

PALS...Plein Air Location

September 14, 2010

Puleston Farm
Meadow Lane
Brookhaven Hamlet, NY

Barn,silo,fields,interesting buildings,fences,trees,alpacas,peacock, wood pile, fences, dry docked boats,beautiful country lane, ducks...
Feel like you are back in time....come join us to paint, sketch, photograph, sit under a tree and read, just take a breath and enjoy the morning....

Follow the map, and once you are on S.Country Rd (coming from Bellport Village)make a right into Beaverdam Rd...then a right onto Meadow Lane. At the end make a left into the barn parking area...

The Puleston Family has graciously welcomed us to paint at their farm, please
be sure to close any gates on the farm that you walk through,( also maybe bring some OFF, just incase since it just rained.)
Hope to see you there!

Bayview Avenue Beach

Another great day of Plein Air Painting....or in my case, Plein Air Talking! It was great catching up with everyone...Joan just got back from Venice and I really enjoyed all of her postcard paintings...Larry arrived on his bike with all of his art gear, looking at least 20 years younger then he is, a curious neighbor, Reva, even came out to see what we were all up to and she ended up painting with all of don't be shy...come join us at our next location...check back Monday to see where we are going!

PALS...Plein Air Location

Tuesday September 7, 2010

Bayview Avenue Beach

South Country Rd
south on Bayview Avenue
Park all the way at the end

Beautiful wooden dock extending into the bay with benches, and paved area,
Panoramic views of Bellport Bay, small sandy beach, benches, swings, moored boats, buildings in the distance, beach grasses, rocks....peaceful...

As always, everyone is welcome, to paint, sketch, photograph, chat, read, put your toes in the water, make a sand castle.....
Hope to see all of you there!


Another wonderfully hot Long Island Summer Day...painting under the shade trees...with friends! A great way to spend a morning!