Gazebo Park, Brookhaven, NY

Another beautiful PALS location..."a gem" with a painting everywhere you turn. We enjoyed painting, feeling one with nature, listening to the babbling brook. I even painted with a
twig that I found on the ground.
It was interesting to see such different artist interpretations of the bridge...enjoy the paintings by Ros, Marlene, and Sandra!

Bayard Cutting Arboretum, Oakdale, NY

Rain and clouds were brewing in the sky, but it didn't stop many PALS from turning up at this favorite location on the south shore of Long Island. It felt more like an autumn day, and even a few (we could count them on 2 hands!) rain drops appeared. I didn't mind much, I thought they might add a bit of drama to my watercolor painting! Artists tend to go with the flow. Even a bit of duck poo on our shoes didn't bother us, since the location is just spectacular. The highlight for me was going inside, yes I said inside, a tree! I could live there happily!

Flowerfield Saint James, NY

PALS had a spectacular day at Flowerfield. Clear cerulean blue skies, beautiful reflective lake, flowers of course, huge trees, birds chirping, and most of all...peace. The only thing that seemed odd were the 2 plastic swans across the lake, under a tree. Rita and the other artists were busy

painting away, when after a while we looked up, and the swans came to life and jumped into the water! Thanks Flowerfield for allowing us to visit and paint your amazing location.