Kismet, Fire Island Aug 11, 2020

 What a wonderful and relaxing day for PALS. Thank you PAL Liz M. and family for inviting us. We enjoyed the ferry ride, painting on beach and lunch together. The morning haze on the beach was great to paint also. 

Private Garden Wading River Aug 4, 20

 Thank you Sandy for inviting us in to your gorgeous loved garden. Truly a work of art!

Islip Art Museum July 28, 20

 Lovely park and lake and even a sculpture garden, A perfect day to paint with PALS artists. Come paint with us!                                                                                                                                         

July 21, 20 Avalon Flower Field

What a glorious day, hot but in the shade well worth it to be out in Nature! Feeling peaceful and enjoying natures perfect painting right before our eyes... a sea of yellow flowers. I remember the first time I saw this location, it actually took my breath away.
   It felt great to breath the fresh air, relax and just paint! What could be better!