Shelter Island

I can't even believe that I have never been to this location, although it's less than an hour east...much closer than NYC. I plan on going back as often as possible!
 PALS did a good job of getting to the ferry, and the ferry ride was a big was all of 3 minutes!...heck, I think we could have swam across!
There were hundreds of locations waiting to be painted there, and we settled in and enjoyed our panoramic views. We  met a few locals, very friendly, enjoyed lunch and friendship in a pretty gazebo and took lots of photos too.

PALS had perfect weather and wonderful company, and I think we all went home with a happy painting! What more can we ask for. Life is good.

Kaler's Pond 9/15/12

Happy Worldwide Paint Out Day!

It was a wonderful feeling to be outside painting en Plein Air at a glistening pond under the shade trees while listening to the ducks squabble a few feet away. All the while knowing that we are part of a larger world, a bigger picture, and in unison, as we peacefully paint at the same time as so many artists around the world! Thank you Chris Taylor for finding this great location for PALS and thank you

Bayard Dahlia Gardens 9/11/12

Wow! Thats the word of the day! Love this place! We had a nice winding stroll through the grounds, surrounded by magnificent trees, and then our view opened up on to a gorgeous colorful Dahlia Garden. Dahlias of every color and shape and size! Amazing! Can't wait to go back!

Peconic Herb Garden 8/28/12

This special place is one of my all time favorite locations to paint and to shop!
I came home with a painting and a car full of beach grass plants and flowers!
Win Win!