July 27, 2021 Avalon Lake

 Such a beautiful location with many little hidden spots to paint. Feels good to be in nature.

July 20, 2021 Yaphank Lake

Another special historical painting location with PALS Plein Air.  The more you wander around here the more beauty you see. The gardens were beautiful too.


Happy News

Happy News of the birth of my new grandbaby Caliana...possibly a future PALs artist!  

July 13, 2021 Silly Lily Fishing Station

 We LOVE Silly Lily! The colors! It felt like we were painting in Key West. PALS plein Air artists enjoyed painting at this really special location. Family run, a great place to unwind, rent a boat, relax, even have a snack or lunch or shop! Can't wait to go back! 

July 6, 2021 Private Sayville Garden

PALS Plein Air artists love to paint in private gardens...we really appreciate all the hard work and artistry it takes to make a living work of art! Let us know if you would like to invite PALS artists to your special garden!
Many thanks to Sandie for inviting us into her amazing special private garden and also to PAL Elaine for making it happen!


June 29 2021 Bellport Marina

Watching the small sailboats is so much fun...only thing better than sailing on one is painting them!


June 15 & 22, 2021 Lavender by the Bay

PALS had a great time painting in this fabulous Lavender field. How lucky are we to have this special location right on Long Island! Felt like we were painting in France enjoying the amazing, calming Lavender scent the whole time! Can't wait to go back again!


June 8, 2021 Stonybrook Harbor

PALS had another great day painting at Stonybrook Harbor! Gorgeous weather enjoyed by all!