Mark your Calendars PALS 9th EXHIBIT 12/8 & 12/9/2018

Frank Melville Park 10/24/18

Our day was blessed with sunshine, that was a nice surprise! Now bring on some Autumn colors please! But then again, we can add all the color we want from our paint palettes! Lol!

Andrews Family Farm 10/16/18

PALS has a special place in our hearts for this fantastic Long Island Farm and the wonderful family who owns it! Thank you Denise for welcoming us once again. We look forward to seeing you at our
December PALS art Exhibit!

Quogue Wildlife Refuge 10/9/18

Thank you Linda DM. for arranging our PALS visit to this fantastic Long Island location.
 The reflections on the pond were amazing! A great place to paint and absorb natures beauty.

Renee's Private Horse Farm 10/2/18

Thank you so much Marie and Renee for allowing PALS to visit your beautiful and peaceful farm! 
It is such a special place, and that adorable 6 month old pony seemed to enjoy our visit also!

Fire Place Boat Basin 9/11/18

A wonderful hidden gem. This boat basin has been allowed to stay just as it was intended by previous owners Ruth and Walter. It's like stepping back in time. Simple, quiet, peaceful, quaint, very special. 

Pink Historic House 8/28 & 9/4/18

It was so nice, we painted it twice!
Thanks Marie and your husband for welcoming us to your wonderful private house, once owned by a sea captain. Thanks for spoiling us! Your gardens are beyond spectacular!

Bayard 8/21/18

LOVE this special place! Always something great to paint!

Pattys Berries 8/14/18

We headed out to paint Sunflowers, but a storm flooded the fields the day we changed gears(Thanks Patty!) and found this special, friendly farm stand...of course, with Sunny Sunflowers!