Bayard Cutting Arboretum 8/18/15

Every day is a great day at many places to paint, but on this Tuesday morning, while some PALS were scattered painting beautiful scenes, a few of us met up by the little bridge and Island...There was a slight much appreciated little breeze...just beautiful!

Denver, CO

A quick trip to's this for a painting location?

8/11/15 Rain out

Bellport Marina

This marina gets prettier every time we paint here...but I enjoyed chit chatting with PALS so much, I didn't complete my painting. Sometimes being together with other artist friends and talking and catching up is all that's needed to recharge!

Mill Pond 7/28/15

While a few PALS enjoyed painting at Mill Pond, I stayed behind to enjoy every moment of my visit with my family and Grand Baby Rocco...I couldn't resist!

Flower Fields, Stony Brook 7/21/15

Such an amazing location, endless flowers, endless paintings! Lucky us!

Busch Farm 7/14/15

Thank you so much to the Busch Family for generously allowing us to enjoy and paint at your special farm...and thank you Marty for the introduction!
    We really enjoyed every minute at this private and special family farm. We look forward to coming back!

Lavender by the Bay, East Marion, Long Island NY 7/7/15

The Lavender Farm is a treat for all the senses! 
It feels like you are in a painting, while you are painting! 
This visit we had a great time, lots of PALS, enjoying the scented fields...we became quite a show ourselves...we must be in 100 photos, of tourists, not only PALS artists, but our hats, and paintings and easels


and brushes, while visitors posed as painters for folks at home, we suppose!
 Hey, why not! It made many people smile, and that's what it's all about!

Peconic River Herb Farm 6/30/15

It's so nice, we went here twice!
And enjoyed every minute!