PALS 6th Annual Art Show 2015

Mark your Calendars!

Nocturnal Painting

 PAL Chris T and I ventured out for some plein air painting at Fireplace Boat Basin.
Nocturnal painting is painting in the dark...well we started in dusk, and ended in the dark. It is fun, exciting, even exhilarating. Its truly about the journey! ...We will go out again and Plein Air Paint with the next full moon on 10/27..Any one care to join us? Just email me at

Mitzuko's Japanese Garden Sept 22 & 29, 2015

I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful woman Natalie at the Gallery North Wet Paint Show, she luckily introduced me to a wonderful gentleman , Andrew, and he in turn spoke about his fantastic private Japanese Garden that he built for his late wife Mitzuko.
Andrew generously invited PALS to  paint there, and we loved every minute at this unique Japanese oasis in the middle of Stony Brook NY.
    We were treated not only to the beauty and artistic garden setting as we painted to the gentle sound of a stream spilling into the pond, but we were also spoiled by Andrews generous friendship, ginger tea and cookies, beautiful stories and his wonderful hospitality.
 We look forward to visiting again in the Spring! Thank you Andrew!

                                                Andrew and his PALS! Thank you Andrew!

Hummingbird Sanctuary 9/15/15

WOW! That sums it up! What a special place....gorgeous view, tons of flowers, precious hummingbirds, beauty all around us. Thanks Mary O. for finding this special location, and thank you owner Paul for allowing us to visit.

Shelter Island Sept 8, 2015

Our Annual adventure to Shelter Island is always fun. This day was surprisingly hot!
We painted, shopped for books, ate lunch, laughed, painted some more!

                                                          Laurie SS

                                                                Susan BG
                                                                   Mary O
PALS artist Laurie Samara-Schlageter sold her painting right on the spot!
Big congrats Laurie, well deserved!

Bayard Cutting Arboretum Sept 1, 2015

Favorite every time! This year it was a bit hot for the Dahlias, but we enjoyed every bloom!
Thank you to all the amazing gardeners!

                                                              Laurie SS

Andrews Family Farm August 25, 2015

We love Andrews Farm, and the beautiful owner Denise!
Always wonderful fresh produce, artfully displayed, we painted sunflowers, chickens, flowers, umbrellas, and veggies! Can't wait to go back.