Rose Meadow Farm July 24, 2012

                                                                    Joan Tavolott

Sometimes at first glance we can miss a diamond right under our very nose..Rose Meadow is a special place that I have driven by many times...I can't wait to go back and paint again some day! This is actually a very interesting place, they grow roses in their green houses and ship them across the United who doesn't love receiving roses! Well, we painted in the front portion of the property and it was lovely! Thank you so much Monica and to the owner, Michael!

Sunken Forest in Sailors Haven, Fire Island 7/17/12

                                                   Lorraine Rimmelin

Now this was a hot and humid day!...91degrees but it felt like 100 on Long Island...but a breezy ferry ride whisked us across the calm bay to this enchanted 300 year old Sunken Forest. We welcomed the shade and enjoyed the dappled sunlight as we meandered along the endless wooden boardwalk, stopping every few feet to take another photo. The wonders of nature never ceases to amaze me!

Avalon Park and Preserve 7/7/12

PALS has painted in the Stony Brook area many times, and the Duck pond on 25A is a favorite spot...but right there hiding from plain sight is Avalon Park. What an oasis of beauty. We only ventured across the wooden bridge and up the stone steps when we came upon a magical pond and little forest with dappled light shining through the trees. It is one of those places thats makes me wonder, "Where have I been, how have I missed visiting such a peaceful and special place?" PALS will definetly be back to paint some more!

Brookhaven Gazebo 7/3/12

PALS enjoyed perfect weather at this small but special location in Brookhaven Hamlet.
As artist Chris Taylor pointed out, we have our very own taste of Monets Garden in Giverny France, right here in our own backyard!
                                          photo of Monets Garden
                                          Brookhaven Hamlet, NY

                                          Amazing artist and teacher, Br. Gerard