Salt Air Farm 7/16/13

Hot, hot, 93 degrees hot in NY, but a slight breeze was blowing under the peach trees, and that's where some of us happily painted... a few under umbrellas painted the wildflowers...and we all decided we'd rather be outdoors painting than any where else!
      Salt Air Farm is a beautiful, privately owned flower farm...selling to florists, and flower lovers and specializing in weddings!
     Many thanks for this great location to Prudence the owner who graciously allowed us to bask in the beauty, Andrea S for telling me about it, and Joan T and Laurie SS for wonderful photos! Can't wait to go back!



Bellport Marina 7/9/13

What a fantastic day! It was hot as anything, so I had my doubts...but PALS had a great time!
We had a wonderful Bay breeze and we were totally entertained by our constantly changing scene of tiny sailboats and young sailors!

Rox and Vin 7/3/13

A day to put down the paint brush and Celebrate my daughters wedding!

PS I made her gown and veil with love!

Lavender by the Bay 6/25/13

I LOVE this place! This was a very special day. I want to live here...I mean in the middle of the lavendar field! Can't get better than that. We had a great time with PALS...such great people I am proud to say. I enjoy knowing all of them! Painting along side them is a bonus!... and lunch was awesome too!

Meadowcroft 6/18/13

This is a location that we always enjoy painting. Always peaceful. Can always use some Peace!

Flowerfield 6/11/13

Such a pretty location. Perfect for a wedding. Extra perfect for painting!
You can always count on a reflection here, and a visit from a swan!